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Sweetening the deal

Originally posted as a Kickstarter update.)

With 25 days left to the SiMF contest Kickstarter drive, we stand at $644 out of $750, or roughly 86%. That’s excellent, and we’re very confident we can make it the rest of the way! However, we’ve been at $644 for a full week now, and we’re getting nervous.

And besides, we don’t just want to barely reach our goal but sail past it! We want lots of people, TONS of people, to read these stories, which we know are going to be remarkable. We’ve been thinking since the beginning that we’d sweeten the benefits of pledging if we pass our goal, so in the hopes of encouraging people to spread the word and contribute:

1) For every $50 we reach above our initial goal, we will donate a print copy of the winners to a library, charity or reading program. Everyone who pledges (or has already pledged) will get to recommend a place for the donation(s) AND will have a vote when picking the final recipients!

2) If we reach at least $1000 total, we will commission black-and-white artwork for each of the 3 winning stories, that will go in the print and digital versions but not online – in other words, people who pledge will be the only ones who get to see them!

Please help us spread the word and encourage others to pledge! We have to reach our goal for any print copies to be made!

25 days and counting. Thanks to everyone who’s blogged, linked, tweeted or pledged so far!