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Short story contest: Entering, and getting your copy (Last chance!)

We have reached the halfway point for entering the Science in My Fiction short story contest. There are 44 days left to get your entries in! Please be sure to read the entry guidelines. Send your entries via the submission form. Remember, there’s $400 in cash prizes to be won! And your entry could be considered by our amazing panel of judges!

(If you’re short on science ideas for your story, Follow Kay on Twitter! She tweets a series of science links every weekday morning because she is a big science geek.)

Also! There are just 2 WEEKS left to reserve your copy of the winners! Only people who pledge to the Kickstarter drive can receive a digital or printed copy of the winners. The drive ends MAY 31! Not the end of June – the end of MAY.

The winning entries will be readable only by Crossed Genres subscribers, and people who pledge at least $4 to the Kickstarter drive. You can pledge to get an ebook ($4), a discounted subscription AND the ebook ($9) or print copies ($15 & up). There are other neat rewards for pledging too, like signed copies, a LIFETIME online subscription to Crossed Genres, a cartoon portrait of you (with SCIENCE!) included (with your name) in the print edition, etc. The print and digital editions will also have original cover art by Julie Dillon that won’t be available to regular subscribers.

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Julie Dillon to illustrate cover of contest winners!

(Originally posted at Kickstarter)

We’re thrilled to announce that artist Julie Dillon has agreed to create artwork for the cover of the print edition of the Science in My fiction contest winners!

Julie provided the artwork for the cover of Crossed Genres’ special LGBTQ issue which was released in November:

Julie’s done work for Wizards of the Coast, Paizo Publishing, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Fantasy Flight Games, and Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, amongst others. She was my first choice to do the cover for the SiMF contest and I’m ecstatic she has time and is enthusiastic about it.

Remember, the print edition won’t be made unless we make our pledge goal! As of this writing we’re just $65 shy of our goal. Please help spread the word and push us over the top! Thanks!