Got science?

As autumn hits, the SiMF crew needs a little break. We’ll be back soon with all sorts of new science! And of course we’re always looking for new contributors.

We’re looking for people who love science and fiction both, regardless of their formal qualifications in either, love to write, and want to share those enthusiasms with the world. SiMF is an all-volunteer outfit: we do it for love, not money.

We’re most interested in short essays about how current science topics are relevant to speculative fiction, and we’re not particularly interested in reviews. An ideal writer will be able to contribute something every couple of months, but we’re also willing to consider one-off guest posts.

To apply, please email sarah.goslee at gmail dot com with a brief description of your qualifications and why you’re interested in SiMF, and either a link to relevant online articles you’ve written or a sample of your work that would be appropriate for SiMF.

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