Science in My Fiction contest – CANCELLED

SiMF regrets to announce the cancellation of the 2011 Science in My Fiction short story contest.

This is due primarily to lack of apparent interest. With just two weeks remaining until the entry deadline, SiMF has received just 25% as many entries as we’d received by the same time in last year’s contest.

The lack of interest could be partly due to the more specific nature of the entry guidelines (i.e. the requirement that stories take place off Earth). Another possible reason is the SiMF managing editors have experienced a series of setbacks which prevented them from dedicating time to promotion of the contest. The final setback occurred this past weekend when our 5-year-old son fell and broke his arm. This proved to be the final straw and solidified our decision to end the contest.

We’d like to thank the judges for agreeing to aid us in the contest. We apologize to them, and to all the writers who did enter or were planning on entering. We would have preferred the results to be different, but unfortunately at this point we feel this is the only decision left to us.

Thanks to all readers, fans, and those who submitted for your support!

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