Contest finalists selected (Not yet contacted!)

The finalists for the Science in My Fiction contest have been selected. The 10 stories have had the authors’ names removed, and have been sent to the judges.

We have not contacted the 10 authors yet, nor have we announced their names or the titles of the 10 finalists. This is primarily so that the finalists don’t go blogging about being finalists in places where the judges might notice. Authors will not be contacted until the judges have returned their votes.

I will mention that, completely unintentionally, we ended up with 5 finalists from male authors, and 5 from female authors. We ignored all information about the authors until the stories had been selected, but we were pleased to discover the even split when we finally checked. We also discovered that 3 continents are represented in the Finalists.

The results of the judges’ voting will be announced on or before July 23. The 10 finalists will be contacted shortly before the announcement.

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