A better edition: make it happen!

(Originally posted at Kickstarter.)

We are so close – so close to the $1000 threshold! With just five days left to the Kickstarter we need just $56 to get there!

As we promised earlier, if we reach $1000 or more, we will commission original artwork to accompany each of the winning stories in the print and digital editions. So even those of you who’ve already pledged can improve the final version you’ll get, just by spreading the word!

You’ll also be helping put copies of the book in the best possible places: Libraries. We’ve already reached the point where we’ll be donating 3 copies of the book to various libraries (or reading programs), and for every additional $50 we’ll donate another! And those who pledged will get to recommend and vote on where the books go!

Please call up a loved one, email a friend, stop a stranger on the street, and tell them to make a pledge. Don’t wait until Memorial Day weekend when everyone’s gone! You can count the days left on one hand!

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