Help us get the SiMF contest in print!

(copied from the original post on Crossed Genres.)

In case you missed it, Crossed Genres announced the Science in My Fiction short story contest! (Here’s a link to the original announcement.)

And now’s the part where we ask for your help. Obviously, we want people to enter stories in the contest (beginning on April 1). And with the prizes being offered, we’re confident there’ll be a good number of entries.

Well, we also really want to put the winning entries in print! But after taking the costs of the contest directly out of our pockets (in addition to regular CG expenses), the additional costs of producing a quality print edition is a bit too much for us.

So we’ve started a Kickstarter drive to fund the print edition! It’s simple: Go visit the Kickstarter page. Watch the funny video Kay made, with us and our son Baz being silly, and some absurd animations we made.

Then, check out the various rewards you can get by pledging to the drive, including copies of the print edition of the contest winners. We’re only aiming to do a single print run, which means pledging to the drive is the only way to get a copy of the stories! The stories will be published in the Subscribers Area of the Crossed Genres site, so if you’re not a subscriber and want to read the stories, pledge something!

There are several different levels of rewards, but you can pledge any amount you want. You can get the stories (in digital formats) with a pledge as low as $4.

There are also some awesome other rewards: cheap online subscriptions to CG, SIGNED copies of the contest winning stories, and more. One of the pledge levels is the first and only time we have ever offered a LIFETIME online subscription to CG! For those who love Kay’s art: Get a cartoon version of you drawn by her and printed right in the print edition of the contest winners!

If we don’t reach the pledge goal, there won’t be a print edition of the winners… it’s that simple. But here’s the thing: you only pay your pledge IF we reach the goal! So if we get there, you get your awesome reward(s), and if not, you’ve lost nothing! It’s win-win!

Please check out the Kickstarter drive, watch the video, check out the rewards, and consider making a pledge. Get your copy of the print edition the only way possible!

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